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Trout aka #DAGOAT headed back to Albany!

georgia firebirds

After I said I was done playing Indoor/arena football I started to see a team re-assemble who I got the honor to play with after they won back to back Championships. My first game in the Albany Civic center was by far the most fun I had playing football since a child, I was able to score 13 points and we won a close game 45-42. Even my first ever PIFL road game against Richmond, I had fun nailing Uno's after missing my first PAT ever attempted in the loss. James Ackel helped me realize what I was missing in the game I love and that is having fun. I am very eager to get back down to the Albany Civic Center and get to be around some of the best teammates I have ever had. Not finishing that season hurt, but when it all comes down to it if you get a chance to go back and FINISH something you help start, you man up and go CONQUER the entire east coast when given the opportunity. I want to thank The Oklahoma University Great Antwone Savage for allowing me this opportunity to continue the path towards a ring in the indoor game. I also want to thank my boy Corey Rue for letting me know what has been going on with the Firebird's. One thing I know about this group is their FIRES remain LIT at all times and with the All-Stars that are assembling we expect nothing less than to bring another Championship back to Albany! I also intend on bringing Athletic Reform to South Georgia and surrounding areas to provide opportunities after high school for student-athletes, to Colleges nationwide through the vast network we have created. So after the Senior bowl I will be heading to Albany in March to compete for a Title run.

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