Ask The Head Cobra - Week 2, Orlando

04/29/2022 7:36 PM -

Q&A By Team Reporter: DJ Wagner


GREENSBORO, NC - After a successful opening weekend for the Cobras, who traveled to Albany and beat the reigning NAL Champions Empire 59-51 to start off the season 1-0, we opened the questions up to you for Head Coach Josh Resignalo leading into the home opener tomorrow night at 7pm at the Greensboro Coliseum against the Orlando Predators.  Now, to the questions.

From Chris Clark on Facebook: Can we get a more of an understanding of the ironman rules and how they work.

Res: Basically, you have two Offense specialists, two Defense specialists and your kicker as a specialist. They play their respective roles.

For the non-specialist, which is everyone else, if they start the quarter, come out, they can come back in. Once they come out again, they are dead for the remainder of the quarter. it then starts over the next quarter. if you sub for someone and come off the bench, when you come out you are dead for the remainder of that quarter and will start over again at the next quarter. So, it is important to know who’s in and when they come out. That is the difference of someone being burned for the quarter, or still eligible to play in a particular quarter. it seems confusing but really it is not. We have a great system in place for just that. So, after cleaning a few things up from last game the flow of rotations will be much smoother.

From Clay Pauley on Facebook: Can you please explain what happened during the Albany game where the kicker was ejected for the whole 3rd quarter? What that an illegal substitution and how does that work.

Res: So, a defense specialist went out on kickoff and wasn’t supposed to. So that made three specialists on the field. You can only have two at any time. So, the penalty is 10 yards and one of those specialists has to be dead till the next quarter. Now what I believe is wrong, is that they said since the kicker is who I chose, his designation is burnt and had to be a two-way player. I’m turning that in because that is not correct. But since he was now a two-way player, he came in to kick off, came out, then came back in for the PAT. Once you come off bench and come out, you are dead for the quarter

From Glenn M on Email: This is a three-part question. First, how many hours a week do you guys practice? Does it get less as the season progresses and are they walk through or pads on practices?

Res: Monday we watch film and team lift at the gym. Tuesday, we have meetings and team practice for 2 hours in helmets and shoulder pads. Wednesday, we have meetings with position groups and a team lift at the gym, then skill position practice only for one hour and in helmets. Bigs are off for most part on Wednesday. Thursday, we have meetings and is team practice for two hours. Friday, for away games is travel day, and home games will have something going on as a team.

Also from Glenn M: How much time together does the team tend to spend together, do they eat together and that sort of things both during the week and game day?

Res: The guys do spend some time together during the weeks. They will go eat meals together and stuff like that. Game days we’ll meet or have walk through and a team meal before heading to arena both home and away.

DJ: If you could name the MVP of the Cobras on Offense, Defense and Special Teams in game one vs Albany who would they be?

Res: We had some great performances in our first game. Offensively I would say our QB Jonathan Bane. He did a great job leading the team and had a great first game performance. Defensively I would say Zack Brown. He came up with some great plays all around and was a great addition for us. Special teams I wouldn’t say we had a player of the game, but I feel we did have an Ironman of the game. That would go to WR/DB Tre Long. Returning player for us last season in a limited role. This year he is playing WR and DB. In the first game of Ironman, he had a reception TD and a pick 6 on defense. He has really stepped up for us. Between him and Zack Brown right now would be in the mix of top candidates for the NAL Ironman of the year. We have 13 more weeks to determine who will win that award. We have a couple guys on our roster who potentially could have a shot at that. James Summers, Walter Thomas and Micah Robinson to name a few.

DJ: It was a different energy at the start of the second half for the defense against Albany, how much of that was corrections made at the half, and how much would you say that was Albany waiting until the end of the half when both teams were on the field to drop their banner?

Res: I would say we definitely made some adjustments and personnel changes. Guys took to adjustments well as it showed in the second half.

DJ: I am sure by now you have looked at the tape from Orlando/San Antonio game, what are some of the things you noticed from that game from the Predators?

Res: Orlando is a scrappy group and Coach Higgins has done a great job getting them ready to play. I don’t expect anything less from them Saturday night. But I know we will be ready for sure!

DJ: What is your message to Cobra Nation with the home opener less than 24 hours away?

Res: I am expecting a great turnout. One of the best we’ve had. I hate to say this, but we haven’t won in the Snake Pit since 2019. That just sounds stupid coming out my mouth. So, we got to turn up the energy and I know this game will be an electric atmosphere!

There you have it Cobra Nation, the game is less than 24 hours away, doors open at 6pm, game starts at 7pm, and the tailgate starts around 4pm.  So, make sure you have your tickets and join us tomorrow night at the Greensboro Coliseum.  Many ways to get tickets, you can get them at the box office, through Ticketmaster and of course call 336-455-7232.  The time is drawing near, it is almost game time and Cobra Nation we need all of your energy in the Coliseum to beat the Predators!!