OMAHA, NE - Tonight the longest active rivalry in the sport took place in the Slaughter House as the Omaha Beef (8-0) hosted the 2024 National Arena League Championship against the Sioux City Bandits (5-3). The league's top two teams went head to head in the ultimate title match to be named champion of the National Arena League for these opponents it would be their first. 

After a back and fort first half the home town Beef led the half 28-16. With fans on their feet the Beef continued to hang on to the lead through the third quarter. However, it would be the Sioux City Bandits defense who shut out the Beef in the fourth quarter and almost ended the game for Sioux City just before a game-saving ESPN Top 10 Nominee interception at the tail end of the fourth quarter by WR/DB Sheldon Augustine would allow the Beef to send the game to overtime.  

In National Arena League head to head rivalry the Sioux City Bandits showed they are not letting the crowd stop them from winning tonight's game, the Omaha Beef proved their not going to let the Bandits win in regulation. Sending the game to overtime Tommy Armstrong, who threw three touchdowns and rushing in four helped Omaha to the final drive of the game faced by a ferocious Fred Bruno who played a historic NAL Championship Game throwing a passing touchdown, a rushing touchdown, and two receiving touchdowns. Not to mention, his quarterback Verion Reed Jr. who threw the most touchdown passes in the game (5). The final deciding factor came from kick, a single point after attempt finalized the champion the finishing kick was off of Paul Ortiz despite multiple blocked attempts tonight a straight one through the uprights ended tonight historic game. Omaha Beef 47, Sioux City 46 the undefeated Omaha Beef (9-0) became National Arena League Champions. Tommy Armstrong, the National Arena League's Most Valuable Player also became the National Arena League's Championship Game Most Valuable Player for his seven touchdowns including several game-saving touchdowns. The Undefeated Omaha Beef, who have an active win streak that continues between leagues is your 2024 National Arena League Champions. 

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