Cobras Training Camp Day: 3

2022 Carolina Cobras Training Camp Day Three Report

Inside Article Provided by Team Reporter:
DJ Wagner

GREENSBORO, NC - With an earlier start to practice Sunday morning, the chill was certainly in the air, but you could not tell it from the players, and it became obvious that things were starting to sink in, and the chatter was added to the mix.  After the morning stretch and individual drills this practice became a four-on-four battle on the field, with players from both sides of the ball making some big plays.

When we talk about the fact that the Quarterback battle is going to be close, we were not kidding.  Each of the QBs had ten chances in the opening session and each of the QBs had their own highlight along the way.  QB Jarod Evan led off the drill running with the starting WRs and he went 8 for 10 on his completions, making some great reads and taking what the DBs gave him.  Next up was QB Dennis Harvilla running with the #2 WRs, and he went 9-10, with mainly underneath routes, but had a very sweet connection with WR Adam Smith on a TD throw.  Jonathan Bane came in with the #3 WRs and was a bit of a mixed back, as you could tell the DBs were finding their groove a bit.  He went 5-10 with a beautiful connection to WR Jalen Rima, but also a spectacular INT by DB Jeremiah Stovall who made a great break on the ball.

Next stop was red zone.  Each QB/WR group was given three chances, this is where the Offense stepped up and between the three QB combined to go 6-9 with six TDs, including two from Jalen Rima, and one each by Adam Smith, Tre Long, and DJ Myers.  On the defensive side DB Nate Driver had a beautiful pass breakup. 

This was a fun practice as you could feel the players starting to get more comfortable in the new system, so we asked Head Coach Resignalo about the chirping at practice today and his thoughts of the day, he said “The guys are getting more comfortable with things now, so they can start relaxing and playing more, there was a lot of thinking going on the first couple of practices.  So now everyone is starting to get in the groove a little bit and kind of figuring everyone out, so we will go full pads tomorrow and let them bang on each other a bit and get them used to pads again slowly.  It has been so far so good so far.”

We also asked Coach Resignalo who he thought were the standout players/groups so far, his response “Again the QB competition is pretty good, the WR, DJ Myers and Kendrick Ings are doing pretty well, the biggest thing with them is just gelling with everyone, including the QBs.  Big wise, up front, I think we will probably have some of the best bigs up front as a collective group, always been great players coming through Carolina, but as a group, as a whole, on both sides of the ball we are going to be pretty solid, and that is where you win ballgames, in the trenches.”

So, the pads are on tomorrow night as the 2022 Carolina Cobras Training Camp continues.  Now just 6 days to the Carolina Cobras Fan Festival, just 13 days until Opening Night, and 20 days until the home opener, so Cobra Fans, you know what to do, if you haven’t already, go get your Season Tickets 336-455-7232 or email you do NOT want to miss a minute of this 2022 Season, it could be one for the ages and you want to be able to say you were part of it!