Flying Aces to Go Dormant for the Reminder of 2024 to Restructure

ATLANTA, GA – The National Arena League has been working with the new owner of the Oklahoma Flying Aces, Joey Jones, to ascertain the best options to assure that the Oklahoma franchise is poised for long term success.

Earlier this season, the Oklahoma franchise underwent massive internal changes both within their ownership and overall operation of the team. Given the severity of this timeline, the league was proactive this season in providing the team support, patience, and relief to assist the team during its uniquely difficult time. Given the overall circumstances it has been made clear that the team’s new first-year ownership has put in a massive effort but cannot successfully fulfill all league obligations to finish the season without a complete reorganization of the current processes and procedures currently in place.

The National Arena League and the ownership of the Oklahoma Flying Aces have mutually agreed to allow football operations to go dormant for the remainder of the 2024 season, focusing on strengthening the business side, as well as community engagement and support. Under better circumstances, the league and team ownership believe there is a successful future projected for the Oklahoma Franchise, its staff, and players.

Given the league’s tenure, the National Arena League specifically has experience successfully relaunching teams from dormancy in Arena Football through multiple different markets including several historically recognized franchises in the sport. The National Arena League’s board of directors firmly believe today's decision will plant positive results for the future seasons to come and will allow its first-year ownership group to learn, grow, and solidify a successful franchise in Oklahoma.

The National Arena League will adjust its schedule accordingly to remedy any NAL team that was scheduled to play the Flying Aces in the final weeks of regular season play. For more information about the National Arena League and its members, please visit

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