Horsemen Strong Start Fizzles Out Against Beef 63-14

OMAHA, NE - In Omaha, Nebraska, excitement filled the air on Friday night as the Idaho Horsemen clashed with the Omaha Beef in their first match-up of the NAL season.

From the get-go, the Horsemen charged onto the field with determination, demonstrating their prowess in an opening 7-minute drive that culminated in a Horsemen touchdown quieting the Beef faithful's. This early triumph hinted at a promising showdown ahead.

Fueled by their offense's impressive start, the Horsemen's defensive unit, spearheaded by Rashad Flanders, swiftly left their mark by snagging an interception on the very first play of the Beef's. The Horsemen marched right back down the field and entered the Beef's red-zone once again. On first and goal, with intense pressure from the Beef's d-line quarterback TJ Oates mistakenly throws one up for grabs resulting in a Beef interception.  With momentum firmly in their grasp, the Horsemen controlled the initial quarter 6-0, leaving their opponents scrambling for solutions.

Yet, as the game unfolded, fortunes shifted, and the Beef went into half-time with a 28-6 lead.  The Horsemen returned from the locker room and started the 3rd quarter like they began in the 1st quarter.  With a quick defensive stop, the offense proceeded to drive down the field and put up the team's 2nd touchdown of the game, capping it off with a 2pt conversion. (26-14) Beef.  Despite their strong 2nd half start, the Horsemen gradually lost momentum after a big completion from TJ Oates to Jaquan Blackwell and Blackwell was stripped of the ball killing the opportunity to bring the game back within one score.  The 3rd quarter end with the Beef leading (35-14).  Though they showcased the ability to move the ball throughout the contest, Horsemen drives fizzled in redzone which was accompanied by 6 turnovers throughout the matchup.

Ultimately, the Beef emerged as formidable adversaries, halting the Horsemen's advances with authority. Despite their efforts, the Horsemen couldn't keep pace in the 4th quarter, conceding to a resounding defeat with a final score of 63-14.

The NAL season has been a rough start for the Horsemen, as the 2 long distance road games have shown that the Horsemen hasn't traveled well.  Quarterback Austin Schaffer and Wide receiver Ryan Stokes did not make the road trip.

There are 5 more league match-up to get the season turned around.  The Idaho Horsemen will host the Oklahoma Flying Aces, Saturday April 27th, 7pm at the Ford Idaho Center.

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Photo credit: KJ Personal Touch Photography & More