Kentucky Wildcat Adrian Middleton Ready to Sink Teeth into Arena Football

Article By: Sam Gordon

Arena football rookie Adrian Middleton put it simply to how he was feeling about his indoor debut.

“I’m very excited,” Middleton told

Middleton does not care if the field is 100 yards or 50. The University of Kentucky alum is just ecstatic for another chance to strap on the pads.

“It’s another opportunity to keep playing football and that’s something I’m really looking forward to doing,” Middleton said.

Middleton spent time with the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions. Some say it is the business side that they learn the most about. But for Middleton, it was the type of defenses he had no idea about.

“What I learned more was about different defenses and different schemes which was very valuable to me,” Middleton said. “I feel like I can continue to bring that knowledge to the Pirates.”

Pirates general manager Jawad Yatim is hoping that Middleton can fill the shoes of departed defensive linemen.

“Just like all the rest of our players, I’m excited to have Adrian on board,” Yatim said. “We lost some important players on the defensive line a year ago, and we are looking to adequately replace the position and I’m looking forward to see what Adrian can do when he comes and gets to work.”

Middleton is no stranger to passionate fanbases and is embracing the pressure that comes with playing for a New England team.

“Not necessarily with football but being raised in Kentucky, they are very passionate about the basketball programs there,” Middleton said. “So, I’m used to it.”

Training camp beings March 18.