ORLANDO FLA --The Orlando Predators have signed Jorge Leon, a 41-year old kicker from Mexico City, Mexico. Leon joins the Predators as the only Mexican player in the National Arena League. 

Back home in Mexico, Leon is known as “Abogado Pateador” which translates to “Kicking Lawyer” because of his business profession as a Lawyer. 

Before signing with the team, Leon played professional soccer for two teams in Mexico, but revealed his father inspired him to play American football from a young age.

Since I was a kid, my father told me that I need to improve my abilities in sports. My father was a quarterback here in Mexico, then he was a head coach here (in Mexico) where he spent 20-years coaching different teams.” Leon said. “15 years ago, my father told me "Jorge, you have a good kick, you have to kick a football, not a soccer ball.” 

“My number one idol is Bo Jackson, who played baseball and also played football, that’s why I love to play all kinds of sports.”

Although it was an adjustment for Leon, he stated he studied a few Professional American football kickers to help prepare him for his journey attending football camps in the United States. 

“I was watching Sebastian Janokoski kicking with the Raiders, and I said “Ok I can do this, I have to hear my father and try to kick the football.” said Leon. 

“I sent over 200 emails and messages to NFL teams and coaches but they never answered me. The only one that answered my email was Mike Hollis, he right now is my mentor. I started kicking with his technique and going to NFL camps.”

Leon was able to stay in Jacksonville, FL for six months perfecting his new kicking technique with Hollis, who played in the NFL as a kicker for eight seasons. Leon has made tremendous strides and is eager to kick the ball through the goal post in game-time action.

“I wanted to prove it to myself and start my new life as a professional American kicker in the United States, that’s why I went to Mike’s house and trained with him. Right now I think my technique is at 100%.”

After years of determination and perseverance, Leon expressed his emotions when he received the phone call from Predators Head Coach Ben Bennett that he had been longing for over a decade.

“I was so happy because I have kept trying for 11 or 12 years. It was a dream come true having a call with the head coach of the team and asking if I wanted to play with them and that they would send over the contract.” said Leon. “I knew if I kept trying the opportunity would come.”

Leon compared his quest of becoming a Professional American Football Kicker to the movie “The Field of Dreams”. Leon said he kept repeating the saying “Don’t worry...they will come” from the film to his wife until his dream became reality. 

“I might be the only Mexican in the league, maybe the oldest too, I don’t know.” said Leon. “I love sports and I love to kick, that's why at 41-years old I am still trying.”

The Predators are set to begin their eight-game National Arena League schedule on May 29 at the Amway Center against the Jacksonville Sharks. 2021 marks the 27th season of Predators football, and the second as a member of the National Arena League. All home games will be played at the Amway Center. 

About the Orlando Predators: 

The Orlando Predators are a professional Arena Football team based in Orlando, Florida and a member of the National Arena League (NAL).  The team was founded in 1991 as an expansion team of the Arena Football League (AFL). The team advanced to the playoffs 19 consecutive seasons between 1992 and 2011, becoming the Arena Bowl champions in 1998 and 2000 during that span. The team plays their home games at the Amway Center in beautiful downtown Orlando, FL. For more information about the Orlando Predators visit