Mustangs Name Their Official Team Mascot

FAYETTEVILLE, NC - After months of speculation (and internet sleuthing), the Fayetteville Mustangs have officially revealed its new name of its mascot which is a Mustang -- "Liberty." 

The name was chosen as a homage to our beloved military base which is going through a name change in the upcoming years from Ft. Bragg to Ft. Liberty. The commission was mandated by the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act to identify assets, including Army installations, that commemorate the Confederacy.  

Fort Bragg is currently named after Gen. Braxton Bragg, a Confederate general associated with being a slave owner and losing battles during the Civil War.  

In May, the commission announced that after community stakeholder meetings, it was recommending renaming Fort Bragg to Fort Liberty.   

According to the Naming Commission’s report, the Army was founded “to achieve the ideal of liberty. “   

The word liberty, the report states, is featured in the 82nd Airborne Division's song and is part of the Army Special Forces' motto.

It is our honor to pay tribute to the men and women of our beloved military as we have chosen the name of our mascot to be "Liberty"