NAL Announces All-Defense & Kicker

Cobras TC Stevens Earns 2023 All-NAL Kicker

JACKSONVILLE,FL – After 17 long weeks of hard hitting off the nets arena football the National Arena League is proud to honor the following players to be forever remembered in history as members of the 2023 National Arena League All-NAL Defense. In addition the National Arena League recognizes one player to be the 2023 All-NAL Kicker. See below for 2023 All-NAL Players. This season Jacksonville led the pack with three All-NAL defensive players. Tomorrow, the league will announce the 2023 All-NAL Offense and Kick Returner.

2023 All-NAL Defense

DLS - Freddie Booth, Orlando

DL/OL - Sha ‘Ki Holiness, Jacksonville

DL/OL - Calvin Fance, San Antonio

LB/FB - Trevon Shorts, West Texas

JLB/WR - Phillip Barnett, San Antonio

DB/WR - Kenny Veal, Carolina

DB - Jabari Gorman, Jacksonville

DB - Marvin Ross, Jacksonville

2023 All-NAL Kicker

K - TC Stevens, Carolina

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