NAL Announces Important Rule Changes Ahead of the 2023 Season

ATLANTA, GA  - The National Arena League has announced official rule changes for the 2023 season. These changes include rules surrounding player safety, the addition of the rebound nets, as well as changes to improve the pace and flow of the game to optimize the viewing experience for the fans.

“We are very pleased with the excitement surrounding the return of the rebound nets, and we will continue to be innovative when it comes to our game-play” stated Commissioner Chris Siegfried. “We are adding some fun and exciting new changes to enhance the game day experience.  Initial response has been extremely favorable.”

Popular rules such as the Deuce and Ironman will carry over into the 2023 season.  With the new updates made by the NAL Rules & Competition Committee, the league anticipates an even faster pace of play in 2023 with more action and more scoring. Below are some of the NAL’s key new rules and modifications:

Kicking Game

For all kicks that are not returned, the ball will be placed at the 10 yard-line.

HALO Rule: For all kickoffs and field goals, the kick coverage team may not go past the 5 yard line until the football is either touched by a player or hits the ground.  Once the football is either touched or hits the ground, the kick coverage team may cross the 5 yard line.

If a kickoff or a field goal attempt goes out of bounds untouched and outside the rebound structure, one (1) point will be awarded to the receiving team. This does not include footballs kicked above or below the rebound structures.

Any football kicked out of bounds untouched by the receiving team that does not cross the opponents 10-yard line will be placed at the spot where the ball goes out of bounds.

The Deuce on every kickoff will remain for the 2023 season except after a safety. The ball will be placed at the 10 yard line after a Deuce.

The Rouge, aka UNO, is one (1) point that will be awarded to the kicking team for tackling the returner in the endzone. A Rouge can only be awarded on a kickoff.

Illegal Batting: one (1) point will be awarded to the kicking team if the receiving team bats the ball out of bounds while still in the endzone.

This would be seen when trying to avoid a Rouge.

Rebound Nets are LIVE:

The football is considered live when it ricochet’s off the rebound nets.  This includes kickoffs, field goal attempts and even passes thrown off the rebound nets.

Game Clock/Timing

1-Minute Timing Rule: Continuation of running clock if the team with possession has a 25 or more-point lead after the 1-minute mark in the fourth quarter.


All players must check in with the substitution official prior to entering the game.

Similar to basketball and soccer

The NAL will kick off their 2023 season on Saturday April 8th. For more information, visit

About the National Arena League (NAL) The National Arena League was founded in 2016 and hosted its inaugural season in 2017 as the premier league in arena football. For more information regarding expansion opportunities or partnerships, contact Commissioner Chris Siegfried at For more information about the NAL visit
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