NAL Board Terminates North Texas Bulls Membership

ATLANTA, GA – The National Arena League officially reports today that the North Texas Bulls franchise has been terminated from the National Arena League. 

This decision follows the evaluation of the North Texas Bulls logistics and financial situation, which includes failure to pay league dues as well as failure to provide an executed arena lease for the upcoming 2024 season. With just a month before kickoff, the league had decided effective February 16th, to revoke the membership of the North Texas Bulls from the National Arena League. 

The league had provided multiple extensions in order to assist North Texas in their first season with the NAL. But after a significant time, it was apparent that the North Texas Bulls had exhausted their window to compete in the 2024 season, ultimately due to failure to meet National Arena League operational requirements. 

Increasing stability, the NAL Board’s decision allows the remaining teams to proceed to the 2024 season, the league will be adjusting the current National Arena League schedule to adapt to the absence of North Texas. The schedule is currently being updated, and will be released once complete, at a later date on the league’s website and social media platforms. 

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