NAL Injury Report: Week 6

One Big Game This Weekend in Greensboro, NC

ATLANTA, GA – The National Arena League enters week 6 with only one game to play this weekend and it’s a big one. Both teams enter this week with a lot to prove as the Orlando Predators (1-2) enter this week rejuvenated with a big rivalry win behind them and a revamped roster that includes multiple former Empire starters that now play for Orlando including league MVP Wide Receiver Darius Prince. The Cobras look to defend their undefeated 2-0 home record while the vast majority of the NAL enjoys a bye week. A win for either team this week would make a major impact on team rankings going into week 7.  See full National Arena League injury report below.


Cobras look to find their third straight win at home this weekend as they face the Predators for the first time this season. Coach Fuller has a healthy roster and has added a few new weapons to his roster since the Cobras bye week. See full injury report from the Cobras below. If the Cobras can Pack the Pitt again quarterback Malik Henry can light up the scoreboard there is a strong chance Carolina can hold on to their #2 position in the NAL standings.

WR/LB - Jalen Rima (Questionable)

WR/DB - Miles Kelly (Out)


After a 0-2 start the Predators rallied and defeated their in-state rival and now with a revamp roster with the signing of multiple First & Second Team NAL talent the Predators despite their record have handed Herky Walls the final puzzle pieces to string together a playoff run. For this Florida team to pull off a climb through the standings they will need to start with a road win against a tough Cobras team in the Snake Pit where the Cobras have yet to surrender a defeat in front of their fans this year. See Coach Walls injury report.

WR/LB - Alex Wheat Jr. (Active, Chest)

DB - Delvon Randall (Questionable, Leg)

WR - Lonnie Outlaw (Questionable, Knee)


After a hot start to their second season in the NAL the undefeated San Antonio Gunslingers enjoy a very deserved bye week. Coach Shaw and his team has faced top opponents and came out with victories every time but the season is long and they will need to rest & recover to finish first in this arena football marathon known as the regular season. With a successful April in the books the Gunslingers need to treat May like clean slate, 0-0, gaining one win at a time like they’ve been doing so far. See the #1 ranked San Antonio’s injury report below.

DL - Justin Alexandre (Questionable, Shoulder)

OL/DL - Dante Angus (Out, Foot)

WR/DB - Arthur Hobbs (Questionable, Foot)


Growing pains may be setting in for the first year expansion franchise that started the season with a high scoring 68-43 debut. Since then the Mustangs fell twice at home with their latest loss coming from a low scoring affair with a 40-27 at the hands of the Gunslingers. The bye week will provide Coach Charles Gunnings plenty of time for film as this team appears to be at a crossroads with playoffs run in one lane and a losing streak in the other with many teams on rise bolstering their rosters the Mustangs have been quiet but must fight through the growing pains and get back to their high scoring performances that shocked the NAL landscape earlier this year. See Coach’s Gunnings injury report.

DL - Larry Ford (Out, Long Term Injury Reserve)
WR/LB - Julius Gregory (Questionable) 


Don’t let this record fool you, both of Jacksonville’s losses came from 1-point differential outcomes. The teams defense is already showcasing playoff ready football and with the signing of NAL Championship Game MVP and All-NAL Quarterback Sam Castronova Coach Gibson has found a long-term solution at quarterback. The New Yorker will spend the rest of the season enjoying the Florida beach views and not a bad view from inside the walls with one of the most iconic arenas & fan bases in the NAL. It appears things are falling in place for the Jacksonville Sharks if they stay healthy it may not be surprising to the see a 6-2 Sharks team in the near future. A bye week will help the Sharks plan for the weeks ahead. See Jacksonville’s injury report.

QB - Connor Blount (Out, Long Term Injury Reserve)


After back to back championship season the defending champions face their own growing pain on and off the field. Leading the league in adversity the Empire made a major move by signing their championship head coach Tom Menas in his first game as head coach with a put-together roster filled with free agents he just met the Empire held West Texas to 3-point final as the Warbirds gained their first win but the Empire exposed they are not done yet with a new talent pool, coaching staff changes, new front office personnel, and ownership the new Empire are hear to stay and will be hard to beat. See Albany’s injury report below.

DB - Maurice Leggett (Active, Returned from Injury Reserve)


The Warbirds celebrate their first win in the NAL history after defeating the defending NAL champions in New York. The celebration leads into the team’s bye week but the Warbirds must stay sharp and ready as they face #1 ranked & in-state rival the San Antonio Gunslingers next, luckily the Warbirds will face their undefeated opponent at home in West Texas. Coach Tate Smith has stayed busy bulking up his roster with the addition of former Empire Linebacker Trevon Shorts. See Coach Smith’s injury report.

OL - Accente Hill Jr. (Out, Placed on Long-Term Injury Reserve)


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