NAL Statement Regarding Friday’s Orlando vs San Antonio Game

Official statement from the NAL Commissioner

ATLANTA – The National Arena League is releasing the following statement regarding the game played this past Friday, June 17 in Orlando featuring the San Antonio Gunslingers and Orlando Predators. The following statement is from Commissioner Chris Siegfried. 

On behalf of the NAL, I believe it is imperative to provide greater clarity for the fan bases of both organizations and the league with respect to the outcome from the June 17th contest between the San Antonio Gunslingers vs. Orlando Predators at Amway Center.

During the Predators vs Gunslingers game this past weekend, there was some controversy surrounding the end of the game. First and foremost, it is important to note that one official sustained multiple injuries late in the 2nd quarter, and was transported to a local hospital. Unfortunately, this resulted in only 4 officials remaining to work the second half.  I will address the condition and injuries of the official later in this statement. Our thoughts and wishes for a speedy and successful recovery for him are paramount.

Second, I have spoken with both organizations, the Supervisor of Officials, and the Head Referee from the game to better understand all pertinent views and assess the situation in its entirety.

With respect to the call and ruling in question, there were 24-seconds left in the 4th quarter, the San Antonio ball carrier ran the ball very close to the endzone. One official signaled TD, and another official ruled him down short of the goal line. The officials convened on the field of play to discuss the situation. However, the game clock inadvertently continued to run until time was out.  The lead official decided to review the play.  After review, it was determined that the runner was down short of the goal line.  The game clock was reset to :04 to reflect where the game clock should have been after the previous play. Per league rules, this time included a :10 second runoff since the ball was never spotted after the previous play.  The clock started, and San Antonio snapped the ball and ran one more play.  The Gunslingers scored as the clock ran out.

After reviewing available camera angles and speaking with both the NAL Supervisor of Officials Joe Clarkson and the lead official of that game, we believe the proper call was made.  However, we discovered inconsistencies with the mechanics of the review process. I have determined based on current league protocols with respect to all teams and markets, this needs to be addressed immediately. Although a long-term solution may not be finalized right away, I strongly believe proactive measures must be implemented as quickly as possible to further avoid this happening for the remainder of the 2022 season.  It is imperative that we make every effort to preserve the integrity of the game, and do our best to provide the necessary tools and protocols for each officiating crew moving forward.

I am working directly with Supervisor Joe Clarkson on making proactive changes that will help to improve the game as we move into the last quarter of the season with playoff implications at stake. Upon crafting proposed remedies for this season, I will be reaching out to each organization for collective input and immediate resolution.

Joe Clarkson states, “Due to the unfortunate injury to our 5th official, we are in process of developing a new mechanic for a 4 man crew. Every week we continue to assess and improve our officiating skills.”

In closing, I would like to reiterate the difficulty and unforeseen timing of this situation. For that reason along with additional areas of concern, finding a quick and effective resolution is a top priority for me and the NAL.

In regards to the game official, The NAL would like to send our thoughts for a speedy recovery to NAL official Andrew McGrath, the injured official from the game.  Official McGrath suffered a broken clavicle and a face laceration that required multiple stitches.  He is expected to make a full recovery.

Chris Siegfried

NAL League Commissioner


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