National Arena League Adds Fantasy Football for 2021 Season

ATLANTA - The National Arena League announced that it will be adding Fantasy Football for the 2021 season.

League Commissioner Chris Siegfried said, “We strive to make the NAL better every year. Our fans will now be able to play weekly fantasy games and get even closer to the fast-paced action on the turf and between the walls. We have the best fans in the world of arena football, and we are excited to see them embrace NAL Fantasy in 2021.”

President of the Jacksonville Sharks Steve Curran added, “As a long time fantasy football player this is an exciting announcement. With the high scoring action packed games in the NAL, it was only a matter of time to include fantasy football. Fantasy players are going to have a great time scouting and drafting our players and finding that perfect line up. What a great addition to an already exciting season to come.”

As the 2021 season approaches, we will have more details on setting up and playing NAL Fantasy football!