National Arena League Announces Expansion in Colorado

Colorado Spartans Expansion Team Joins the NAL for 2024

ATLANTA, GA – The National Arena League is proud to announce officially today the Colorado Spartans have signed with the National Arena League for the upcoming 2024 season. Colorado joins the Sioux City Bandits and Omaha Beef by becoming the third team to enter their first season in the NAL for 2024. The exciting move extends the league’s reach to the Mountain West region for the first time in league history.

The Colorado Spartans, which will be located in Loveland, Colorado will host their home games at the Budweiser Events Center. Team Owner, Tony Thompson will lead the organization in 2024 for their inaugural season as a franchise.  

Colorado Spartans Owner Tony Thompson shared his thoughts on the new arena football franchise, “This is a project that my staff and I have been working on for several months leading up to today's announcement, we couldn’t be happier as we have been welcomed with open arms by the community for several months while we have been laying our foundation for success. This team will be a direct reflection of the community, and everything that it embodies, and one that the state of Colorado and fans will be proud to call their own. The energy and excitement that the Spartans staff has, has been equally matched by everyone that we have had the opportunity to meet, this is going to be something special.”

The Colorado Spartans will be broadcasting a live stream of their team press conference today at 4pm (2pm MST) to watch it live or later follow the Colorado Spartans on Facebook or watch live on the National Arena League Facebook. In addition to today’s announcement, the team has more major news to bring to the NAL in the near future including the naming of their head coach. Arena football’s growth in the midwest now expands to the mountain west as Colorado strengthens the National Arena League future for fans new and old fans with franchises now in five states including North Carolina, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado. This pivotal development is another great milestone for the future of the National Arena League success and the league is excited to report there are even more advancements to announce in the weeks to come. Since the 2023 season, the league has improved its base of ownership bringing in owners with more operating experience and longer track records of success this includes former league commissioners, experienced league executives, and league champions joining the National Arena League with proven business longevity in both their communities and inside their arenas.

The new talent joining the National Arena League is a true benchmark for the success and influence the National Arena League itself will have in the sport of arena football with a shared focus of success from the front office to inside each arena. Recently, the league boldly moved forward expanding into new regions which will be a catalyst for better partnerships for National Arena League opportunities that now bring new faces into the 2024 National Arena League landscape including players, coaches, and exhilarating new fan bases and historic arenas to not only grow arena football but to keep it thriving for all to enjoy.

“We are very pleased to announce our newest expansion team, the Colorado Spartans” said Commissioner Chris Siegfried “Tony and his staff have been working very hard to make this team a reality, and we can’t wait to see the Spartans on the turf in 2024.”

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