National Arena League Modifies Regular Season Schedule

ATLANTA, GA – The National Arena League announces its modified regular season schedule following the recent changes regarding the Oklahoma Flying Aces. The league’s board of directors have swiftly handled the situation and modified its schedule to reflect the recent changes for the 2024 regular season season. With eight weeks of play completed, only two game weeks were modified on the remaining schedule. Below are the modified games affected by this change.

The following Flying Aces Home Games have been canceled:
Week 11: Omaha Beef @ Oklahoma Flying Aces, May 25 at 7PM (CT)

Week 12: Idaho Horsemen @ Oklahoma Flying Aces, June 1 at 7PM (CT)

Week 13: Sioux City Bandits @ Oklahoma Flying Aces, June 8, at 7:00PM (CT)

Teams scheduled to play in those games will have a bye week.

The following games have been modified:
 Week 10: Idaho Horsemen @ Colorado Spartans, May 17 at 7pm (MT)

The NAL Board of Directors also approved modifying the playoff format to a two team playoff.  The top two regular season games will meet at the end of the season, at the location of the top seed, to determine the NAL Championship, the weekend of June 15th.

The National Arena League reports no active team will lose any home games from this schedule modification changes furthermore all active teams will have the opportunity to compete for a chance at post-season play scheduled to kick off in mid-June. To see full 2024 National Arena League schedule visit:

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