Playoff Time in the TarHeel State


Your Lions will be battling the Cobras for a spot in the National Arena League (NAL) championship game tonight. They are not an unfamiliar opponent. These two squads have seen combat 3 times in the regular season and just about every result has been had. The first contest between these NAL institutions this season ended in a Columbus victory by 27 points, 55-28. However, the next edition differed significantly. The Lions fell 61-36. The most recent game ended with a margin of victory of exactly one point. Columbus 47 - Carolina 46. The only thing certain is that no one can predict this one. The game will be played in Greensboro as a result of the Cobras' superior seeding. The most recent win was in North Carolina but so was the humbling received in week 9.

The pivotal moment for Carolina on the season was the injury to their star quarterback, Jonathan Bane. Bane's absence has left a void which has been filled by former Jacksonville Shark, Malik Henry. Henry is of a tempermental infamy and his performances vary as dramatically with his mood. He can reach unbelievable height and unfathomable lows. The Lions have had several key performers this season. Darien Townsend has been on a tear recently and over the course of the season as an excellent return man and equally skilled route runner. Kerry Starks is a quarterback's worse nightmare finishing the regular season with a league best 10.0 sacks. Starks is also a threat on the ground when on offense. Lions legends Mason Espinosa and Damien "Nighthawk" Daniels will look to take one step closer to another championship for the Fountain City. Let's get ready to rumble!