After Friday’s win against the Columbus Lions, the Predators are now even in the win-loss column through six games.

The Predators (3-3) defeated the Lions (2-3) 48-44 in a battle on Friday night in Orlando. After a strong start by the Predators followed by a slow second half, the Predators were able to push through the adversity and come out with a win.

“We were just able to come out and make some plays with our backs against the wall,” receiver Lonnie Outlaw said. “Moving forward, we just have to go out and execute the plays that are put in front of us.” 

Orlando started in a full-sprint in the first half and went up 41-21 before halftime. In the Predators second half battle, they saw starting quarterback Rakeem Cato and receiver/defensive back Anthony Cruz leave the game in the third quarter. Going into the fourth quarter, the Predators led 48-35 with backup quarterback D’Angelo Fulford leading the offense through the remainder of the game. 

The Lions were able to pull within four after several offensive miscues by the Predators’ offense. However, a game sealing interception by receiver/defensive back Larry Beavers allowed the Predators to evade a loss at home.

Beavers, who also brought in 48 yards and a touchdown on three catches, said this game truly showed what the Predators are capable of when they are faced with adversity.

“Everybody saw in the first half what we can do but the second half showed what this team is like when we all come together,” wide receiver and defensive back Larry Beavers said. 

Other than Beavers’ game-sealing interception, the defense played lights out for the entirety of the game, including three more picks respectively from defensive backs Dalvon Randall, Joshua Jenkins and a one-handed interception by Cruz. The defense was able to get some points on the board after a scoop and score touchdown by defensive end Sha-Ki Holines. 

“I don’t even need to say anything about them, they just make plays,” head coach Jeff Higgins said. “They make our team better. Without them, it would be completely different so I’m glad to have them.”

The offense remained strong despite the injury taken on by Cato, who threw 16-for-20 with 204 yards and five touchdowns. Receiver Clarence Williams continued his hot-streak bringing in seven catches for 92 yards and three touchdowns. Fullback/linebacker Desmond Maxwell was able to put some points on the board by contributing two rushing touchdowns and a receiving touchdown.

As the Predators head into Jacksonville to take on the Sharks (3-4) on Saturday, lineman De’Quan Murray said this is a statement game for bragging rights in the state of Florida. 

“Oh baby we are coming for them,” Murray said. “I ain’t never lost to Jacksonville and I don’t plan on losing to them this time. We are coming.

“We run Florida. Period.”