For the second week in a row, the Predators will be at home but will look to get their first home win of the season.

After dropping a loss to the Carolina Cobras (3-0) 48-26, The Predators (1-3) l look for some redemption against a team who is off to a hot start this season. 

“It’s going to be a game this week,” lineman De’Quan Murray said. “We’re fully charged this week. We got to knock them off their high horse at our house.”

Through the first few games of the season, the Predators have displayed a hard hitting, physical defense, but seem to lose their footing in the second half.

Defensive back Dalvon Randall said the game plan for the Predators is to stay as physical as they’ve been all season. Randall said it is just a matter of staying locked in for the duration of the game.

“It’s a known fact that we’re coming,” Randall said. “We are physical on defense and our goal this week is to get more stops. If we get more stops this week, the game will be in our favor.” 

In the Predators previous matchup with the Cobras, the Predators started off slow and could not find their momentum through the rest of the game. The Cobras found a way to keep the pressure coming at quarterback Rakeem Cato throughout the game, which has been an issue through the season, so far. Along with the struggles in pass protection, the Predators have struggled with special teams converting only one extra-point field goal attempt in the first three weeks of the season.

Following Saturday’s loss against the Albany Empire (2-1), Predators head coach Jeff Higgins said the early struggles are the growing pains of a young football team, and he is hopeful of a better turnout on Sunday.

We’re getting better in a lot of areas, but we’re not getting good enough, yet,” Higgins said. “We will, we’re a young football team and we’ll be better next Sunday.”

The Cobras come into the game as the only undefeated team in the league. However, in their week two matchup against the Jacksonville Sharks (0-3) at home on Saturday, Carolina was able to sneak past the Sharks 53-48. With a high powered receiving core led by wide receiver DJ Myers, Murray said the Predators are ready for the challenge.

“They’ve got all the momentum in the world,” Murray said. “We’re really excited to get our lok back at Carolina this week.”

The Predators and the Cobras are set to kickoff at 3 p.m. on Sunday inside of Amway Arena. The game will be streamed via the NAL YouTube Channel.