Orlando, FL-- A few current members of the Orlando Predators football team visited Memorial Middle School in Orlando, FL on July 14th at noon to give back in benefit of the After-School All-Stars.

Predator players Josh Smith, D.J Myers, Darion Tolbert and defensive line coach E.J Burt were all in attendance for the event on Wednesday. The Black and Red spoke to the attendees about commitment, work ethic, and even opened it up for a Question and Answer session. 

"I enjoyed my time spent with the kids at Memorial! The best thing was how engaged they were during our Q&A session." said Myers. "Afterwards, we got a chance to run some routes and play 7v7 together, and let me say those kids are good athletes! The sky is the limit for each of them, and we were grateful to be there. Thank you, Memorial!"

During the stopover, players and coaches participated in an assortment of football drills and activities for the children to follow suit, including a few footwork drills. The team even shot a few hoops with everyone. Player autographs were also awarded to the group.

"Event went well. The kids at Memorial Middle School and the Orlando All-Stars program enjoyed the advice and fun activities." said coach Burt. "The kids asked a lot of questions and were really into the drills and games."

Check out all of the action at the giveback through the photos posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.