Rob Storm Unique Experience with Carolina Cobras and NAL

Rob Storm has a unique experience with the National Arena League and has been involved since day one. Not only is Storm one of the owners as well as managing partner for the Carolina Cobras, part of the National Arena League’s seven teams, he is also the League’s founding Executive Director.  Storm is the brains behind the league and how it was set in the early stages with his background in business. 

“Business structure is my background, not football. I have the ability to look at something and see if something will work,” said Storm. 

His expertise and business advice is what has helped drive the league to what it is now. Seeing both the team side and league side of things makes Storm a vital part of the NAL family. 

Storm added, “the most rewarding part is being able to work and help the other owners build success within their organizations.” 

The NAL is a football community and we strive to give our fans the best experience. One of the best parts of this business is building into the community and becoming a part of it. “Our success is based on what we give to the community and everyone can get out and enjoy a game,” said Storm. 

Storm has played a key part in the success of the league as well as the Carolina Cobras and he is “excited to get the season started.”

“Rob Storm has been an integral part of the success of the NAL.  I’m thankful for his involvement and I consider Rob a good friend” added Commissioner Chris Siegfried.