Roy Stabler Defensive Coordinator for Orlando Predators

Orlando Predators add Roy Stabler as Defensive Coordinator.

Name: Roy StablerCoaching Position: Defensive Coordinator
Years Coaching: 15 years coaching FHSAA, 1 Year A-League
Teams Coached: Gulf Coast Fire

Roy Stabler is an Alabama native who played college football at the University of Southern Mississippi where he earned 2nd team All-American honors. After college Roy started playing Indoor football for the Favre Family in the NIFL/IPFL, ultimately winning several conference and Arena Championships. In 2001 he then transitioned to the AFL2 as a defensive specialist. Roy became a member of the Florida Firecats in 2002 helping the team win the American Conference while earning All AF2 1st team honors.

The next year Roy earned 1st Team honors and was signed to the Orlando Predators for the 2004 season. After being released due to injuries, Roy returned to the Firecats to earn All AF2 2nd Team honors in addition to winning the Arena Cup. In his first year indoor coaching debut as Defensive Coordinator for the Gulf Coast Fire, the team won the A-League championship 80-20.