The Future of the National Arena League

The National Arena League (NAL) has evolved over time and is only going to continue to grow. Jason Gibson has been with the NAL since the beginning and has recently played an integral part in expanding the league. The NAL has a very clear vision and is excited to continue to build the brand.

“From a league standpoint I want it to be something that is on a national scale as far as recognition and quality entertainment. We are in the entertainment business. We want families to be able to go to a game and forget all of their problems. It is always about the fans. We want to make sure we are providing a quality product that serves a purpose and that is the vision.” Gibson shared. 

As far as expansion goes the NAL has had vast interest in the off-season this year. This is the first year Gibson has been on the expansion committee and it is busier than he thought it would be.  Gibson said, “I’ve been on the phone since Christmas with multiple cities, multiple owners, all with very heavy interest in joining the NAL. Many of the interested teams have done their research and they want to play in the NAL. So that is a compliment to Chris Siegfried (NAL Commissioner), the ownership groups, the style of play and the players. We are lucky to be a part of it.”

The NAL is fortunate to have these options this early already. Expansion is about strong ownership and the right cities. The NAL wants a league with great rivalries along with focusing on fan involvement and the in game experience. Growing the brand is vital to having a product in which the fans will want to engage. 

The NAL has no plans on joining another league and has a good thing going right now.  “What makes the NAL special right now is the ownership groups, the cities, and how well we work together. We like the arena style that we play, and from an expansion point of view, this has been a really good off season.” Gibson explained. 

The main focus this upcoming season will be to continue to improve the fan experience. The fans are the customers and it is important to give them what they want.  We have the best fans in arena football.  We are going to continue to build the NAL brand and be successful. 

Gibson said, “I am excited about the strength of the NAL and for the growth we are experiencing.  We are thrilled about what the future holds for the National Arena League, and I look forward to the National Arena League prospering for many seasons to come.  We can’t wait to kickoff the 2020 season.  From a league standpoint, this will be our best season to date.”

The NAL season begins on April 4, 2020 with two champions facing off in the season opener, the Jacksonville Sharks vs. West Virginia Roughriders.