Training Camp: 2022 Recap

Cobras Complete 2022 Training Camp 

GREENSBORO, NC - In nine days and nine practices on the soccer fields of Smith High School in Greensboro, the 2022 Carolina Cobras were born, raised and made ready to take on the rest of the National Arena League, starting next Saturday on the road in Albany.  In what started with 35 guys fighting really hard, it is now down to just 24, with a spot left open to be filled watching the transaction wire.  With talent levels, probably never seen before at a Carolina Cobras training camp the battles were intense and sadly a lot of very talented players had to be released because there simply wasn’t room.

Let’s take a look at your 2022 Carolina Cobras

Quarterbacks (2)

Jonathan Bane, Jerod Evans

With a three-way QB battle that came down to the final day, and the smallest of details, these two great QBs made the final cut, and Head Coach Josh Resignalo has named Bane to be the starter for 2022.  Previously All-NAL, Bane looks to do it again, this time in the Snake Pit, for the good guys!

Released:  Dennis Harvilla

Wide Receivers/Defensive Backs (10) Kendrick Ings (WR), DJ Myers (WR), Donovan Rasberry (WR/DB), Adam Smith (WR/DB/K), Tre Long (WR/DB), James Summers (WR/DB/QB), Lance Evans (WR/DB/LB), Joe Powell (DB/WR), Micheaux Robinson (DB), Jeremiah Stovall (DB/WR)

This group is going to be absolutely dangerous with plenty of ALL-NAL awards spread out among them, they are going to hurt some feelings, and take some names, as they all have great hands, great athleticism and tons of energy.  Think about it if you are a DB, with any of those WR combinations where are you really going to lean coverage too, without getting beaten by the other weapons, and opposing QBs, which of these DBs do you really think you want to challenge in man?

Released: Chad Walcott, Terrance McIntyre, Keith Lewis, Roderick Darden, Cam Ellis

FB/LB (2) Zack Brown, Rashaad Miller (DL/LB/FB)

Everyone knows the things that Zack Brown can do as a past All-NAL player, not only a great player, but an outstanding leader on the team.  Rashaad Miller is a good change of pace player at FB, and a strong eye for the ball at LB and DL.

Released:  None

The Lines (9):  Walter Thomas (DL/OL), Micah Robinson (DL), Larry Ford (DL), Joe Harris (OL/DL), Derrick Zeigler (C), Trevon Shorts (LB/DL), Carson Williams (DL/OL), Terrence Ames (OL/DL), Jared Aiken (OL/DL)

Opposing lines are going to need to bring a lunchbox, because it is going to be a long day facing any combination of these lines, with the return of Thomas, Robinson and Ford opposing O-Lines are going to have their hands full to save their QBs, a strong O-Line with the return of the Original Cobra for his fourth season Joe Harris, Center Derrick Zeigler and any one of the rest is going to give a d-line complete fits when it comes to trying to get to Bane in the backfield.  One of the issues in 2021, was protecting the QB, that problem has been solved by the coaching staff of the 2022 Cobras.

Released:  None

Kicker (1):  TC Stevens

When you have the NAL Kicker of the Year on the roster, why mess up a streak?  Stevens is back for his second season with the Cobras and looking for more of the same from him as he tries to defend his award.

The Cobras will start the 2022 season with three players on the Injured Reserve, WR/DB Jalen Rima, DB/WR Christopher Page and DL/OL Brandon Sutton

Overall Cobra Nation there is a lot to be excited about for the 2022 Carolina Cobras, and the first game in the journey is Saturday night April 23 on the road to begin, where the 2021 season ended, in Albany, to face the Empire in the opening game of the Cobras 2022 Season.  First home game at the Greensboro Coliseum will be April 30, just 14 days from today, as the Orlando Predators will be making the trip to face your Cobras, still time to get your tickets, and make sure you bring some friends.  The Cobras are putting in the work on the practice fields, and are going to put on a great show, and they need your help, we need to fill the Snake Pit!!  So, dial 336-455-7232 to get your tickets or email to get them!!