Training Camp Report: Day 6

First Cuts Made as the Week Pushes Forward

GREENSBORO, NC - On the warmest night of camp so far, the 2022 Carolina Cobras were back on the field, both trying to continue to get comfortable with the playbook, as well as fight for those valuable 25 opening day roster spots.  The fight was on.  Tonight, in both four-on-four as well as eight-on-eight action it was probably the most intense and back and forth we have had so far at camp.

You could also feel a different energy in the positional drills as things were sped up, and the action was more deliberate in what the end goal was.

In the four-on-four both sides of the ball shined, with Donovan Rasberry, DJ Myers, James Summers, Lance Evans, Kendrick Ings and Adam Smith shining on the receiving corps, as well some great plays by Keith Lewis, Jerimiah Stovall on the defensive side.

In eight-on-eight, the offense did better tonight than they had before, Dennis Havrilla scrambled away from pressure and connected deep with Adam Smith. The defense stiffened up and Harvilla finished two for four. Jonathan Bane was up next and after taking a quick out to Rasberry, it was a beautiful pass over the middle to Lance Evans, followed by a run by Zack Brown through a huge hole created by the offensive line and he finished up with a quick pass to Ings to finish going four for four. Jarod Evans was up next who was picked off on his first attempt by Keith Lewis. Brown with another run, he then completed two passes to DJ Myers before coming up short on his final attempt. So, he went two for four with one INT in his time under center.

After the practice Head Coach Josh Resignalo addressed the players that were cut, as well as the rest of his impressions on camp. “We made our first couple cuts today, DB/WR Nate Driver, LB/DB Javon Jones, and WR/DB Dquintez Wilson, so that is always tough, not easy at all, but we have to get down to the 25, so we decided to cut a couple guys early so we can get more guys some reps. We have some tough decisions coming up. We have six more spots to get us down to the 25. As you can tell at camp right now to cut six guys loose is going to be tough. The Quarterback competition is good, it is probably the best the Cobras have had in camp as a group. So, we are excited to see how that is going to play out. Overall, as a team, we are starting to gel a little bit more, still getting the kinks out and we have a couple more practices to go, then before you know it, it is game week.”

Still time to get those season tickets, Cobra Nation, 336-455-7232 is the number to call, or of course you can email to get them as well.  Just 10 days to the opening game on the road vs Albany, and then 17 days until the home opener against Orlando at the Greensboro Coliseum!


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